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NANAAN IT provide the expertise and hands-on staffing that accelerate the adoption of cloud financial management practices. Our FinOps practitioners can implement our FinOps Foundation-certified platform or another tool of your choice to enable a cloud strategy based on collaborative, data-driven decision-making.

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Make your cloud rain business value

Moving to the cloud can transform a business. A cloud financial management (FinOps) framework is essential to measuring your cloud’s business value. Without it, license and service costs can increase without achieving the expected benefits. However, most organisations don’t know where or how to launch their FinOps discipline and the tools they need to measure cloud business impact.

NANAAN IT provide the expertise and hands-on staffing that accelerate the adoption of cloud financial management practices. Our FinOps practitioners can implement our FinOps Foundation-certified platform or another tool of your choice to enable a cloud strategy based on collaborative, data-driven decision-making.

Our tooling and platform services enable you to manage contracts and track, control and predict your cloud spend across multiple cloud and software providers. We help you deliver measurable improvements to your business faster than ever.

We solve business problems,take a consultative approach to every client engagement, and find actionable solutions that will help your organization achieve the best business outcomes.

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What We Do

Stay ahead of unplanned expenses and new reporting requirements

NANAAN IT FinOps Certified services provide the guidance, insights, and experienced advice you need to build a practical FinOps framework that delivers significant cloud savings, on average over 25% annually.

A mature cloud practice with effective management eliminates wasted cloud spending and reduces costs by more than 25%. Still, only 31% of technology professionals surveyed in 2022 by Flexera reported using multi-cloud cost management tools. We offer the tools and solutions to start, improve and extend a FinOps practice with pricing based on the customer’s annual cloud spend.

Begin with a simple, comprehensive solution, the FinOps Discovery, and add modular options to address any stage in FinOps adoption. Many customers opt for our specialist-managed service.


A business cannot fix issues without knowing about them. Get visibility into who is using what cloud resources using the NANAAN IT Platform services. Allocate, benchmark, and forecast future software and cloud utilization to ensure you stay within budget while accurately managing future investments.


Teams can exploit custom innovations and analytics to maximise an investment in the cloud by right-sizing, right-costing, reallocating workloads, employing automation, and proactively seeking out any functions that waste resources.


FinOps success requires leadership, financial, and procurement stakeholders employ clearly defined governance policies and models. NANAAN IT tracks your objectives and measures performance, quality, and cost to identify new savings opportunities.


What We Do?


The complete package for financial insight, organisational alignment, and cloud spend optimisation.


Make better decisions with a real-time, actionable 360-degree view of software and cloud spend.


Our specialists’ expertise and technology support your progress toward cloud maturity and financial success.


Get a complete view of your digital estate benchmarked against 9,000+ applications and services.


Be ready for environmental compliance with emissions reporting on-premises and by cloud provider.


FinOps is a company-wide practice that puts you on the path to cloud maturity. A transition to mature cloud management based on a robust FinOps culture and internal, cross-team alignment does not start accidentally. The discipline controls cloud spending and improves accountability and financial transparency while accelerating the automation of business-critical cloud processes. Our certified FinOps Practitioners help identify gaps in your cloud management strategy.

Meet your FinOps

NANAAN IT FinOps Discovery introduces your organisation to the evolving discipline, tools, and projected savings reshaping cloud management. We bring all stakeholders to the table to explain best practices, helping your team develop an actionable roadmap suited to your business needs and culture.

We provide experts who understand your needs to facilitate the FinOps Discovery four-phase process within your organisation. The program delivers the foundational knowledge and proof of value to build your FinOps competence using established tools and managed services solutions. Our FinOps clients reduce their IT expenditures on average more than 25% annually.

Unlock the power of FinOps

Introduce collaboration to create cloud spending accountability with the FinOps Discovery. We’ll help you roll out a new culture of continuous optimisation that produces substantial ongoing savings and purposeful, profitable decision-making.

Diagnostic review

We assess your FinOps maturity and talk with executives and stakeholders to understand their business goals. Our workshop process identifies gaps and potential improvements to your cloud strategy

Platform experience

Work with our FinOps experts to introduce cloud spending transparency and governance. Whether you choose NANAAN IT’s Certified platform or another FinOps tool, we are ready to support your people and processes.

Cost optimization

Trial a cloud-management platform to see visualisations of live cloud usage and the projected impact of suggested changes. We also review select workloads to identify potential savings.


Get an executive presentation about our findings, including your current state, the business case for change, and the details of savings and value necessary for a successful FinOps practice.


Effectively managing cloud environments requires visibility into services, who is using them, and the costs of supporting each business unit. Yet many organisations don’t have the tools or processes to assess spending. Rapid transformation based on unplanned adoption of cloud services quickly drives cloud spending out of control and delays business goals.

FinOps Diagnostic Service provides decision-makers with actionable intelligence to identify gaps in their current cloud processes and strategy. Our specialists establish a cloud financial management baseline for your business to help drive organisational maturity. Our action plan based on best practices will help you innovate with cloud technology and maintain the value of earlier investments.

More than a checkup, a complete cloud physical

Our FinOps Foundation-certified tools and experts supplement your IT, finance, and procurement teams to accelerate your progress toward cloud maturity. We gather information to identify wasted spending, inefficient processes, and opportunities for optimisation that reduce commercial and technical risk. 

We have Certified FinOps Practitioners, a deeper team than any other organisation. The FinOps diagnostic gives you the tools and intelligence to achieve operational excellence, develop an effective FinOps culture, and realise agility in the cloud.

Benchmark maturity

Assess current cloud financial management practices to identify operational risk. Improve your cloud process and strategy by getting everyone on the same page.

Identify opportunities

Understand your current technical and business strengths and weaknesses. Gain insight that helps reduce wasted resources and financial risk.

Cloud accountability

Identify gaps in your cloud strategy. Our specialists help you achieve a FinOps culture based on accountability and value creation.

Financial best practice

Allocate cloud costs through showbacks or chargebacks that help your organisation plan, measure, and improve cloud financial management.


Rapid, often unplanned digital transformation has increased the use of cloud services. Many organisations now have multicloud environments that are unnecessarily complex and costly. Without a practical framework, organisations quickly lose control of cloud cost management. Many are looking to build and mature their FinOps practices to maximise their cloud investment and maintain its value. Yet most IT teams do not have the time or expertise to implement FinOps practices.

NANAAN IT Managed FinOps Services provide the expertise, technology, and best practices that support our customers’ progress toward cloud maturity and financial management. Rely on our FinOps Foundation-certified practitioners, and services help establish a culture of financial accountability that supports data-driven decision-making.

Accelerate your FinOps journey

Your FinOps journey begins with a review of your existing processes, roles, and responsibilities to benchmark your cloud maturity.


Our certified FinOps consultants assess your current capabilities and processes, providing your FinOps stakeholders with complete visibility into the cloud ecosystem using reliable, consistent data and intelligence. We conduct interviews with stakeholders to understand your desired future state. Our team will then provide a set of recommended actions and detailed projections of the savings you can achieve.


Once the plan is approved, your FinOps consultant can monitor the environment to provide real-time usage data and advice so you can rapidly optimise workloads and cloud spending. We work closely with stakeholders, keeping them informed as your cloud maturity evolves. Most importantly, we facilitate cross-team dialogue to encourage a culture of cloud cost accountability and transparency. Continuous right-costing and right-sizing reclaim resources and budgets.


NANAAN IT Managed FinOps service includes feasibility reviews with priority business units to update your technology strategy and agreed-on action plans. We support the implementation of recommended cost-optimization strategies to realise savings. Our detailed reporting enables effective data-driven decision-making. Your team will regularly participate in facilitated stakeholder reviews to track performance against agreed KPIs, budget thresholds, chargebacks, and alerts. See what changes are needed and, most importantly, review the savings realised.


FinOps, or cloud financial management, uses accurate and complete data to ensure cloud investment decisions reflect the needs of the entire business. Properly integrated tooling is critical to provide your FinOps team with the intelligence needed to control and optimise cloud costs. No matter your selected FinOps tooling, we combine it with your people and processes to deliver the transparency, predictability, and governance necessary to control your cloud spend.

NANAAN IT FinOps Platform Services ensure your tooling provides the actionable intelligence and transparency your team needs for rigorous cloud financial management. Our certified FinOps practitioners, platform, and services help you achieve control over your cloud investments, optimising innovation and value.

Break through complexity to establish order

Ensure your FinOps tools provide transparency and insights that your FinOps stakeholders need to manage your cloud costs throughout the organisation.


Establish cloud spending and utilisation transparency with real-time stakeholder and leadership dashboards.

Speed and simplicity

Accelerate technology maturity with clear policy- and data-driven cost analysis of your cloud investments.


Effective cost allocation information drives accountability for cloud spend and simplifies technology budget management.


We ensure your FinOps tooling provides commercial and technical recommendations that help prioritise and optimise cloud spend.


Supporting your organisation’s sustainability roadmap requires measurement and continuous improvement of your software and cloud estate’s environmental impact. You will need to monitor and assess the carbon footprint of your IT operations, including each hyperscaler cloud in your environment. A FinOps practice can help reduce the emissions associated with your software and cloud environment.

NANAAN IT FinOps services support your sustainability efforts with carbon-footprint reporting for on-premises data centre, cloud infrastructure, and software services. We enable you to monitor your IT strategy’s financial and environmental impact, supporting effective data-driven decision-making and regulatory reporting.

Introducing GreenOps, the next step in FinOps

Improved financial oversight of cloud resources, costs and environmental performance delivers immediate P&L benefits and reduces long-term business and brand risk. The key to a successful transition is setting science-based goals and tracking your IT organisation’s performance, while sharing progress with stakeholders, customers, and your suppliers.

Engage your workforce

Employees support organisations that share their values. Use climate reporting to engage them in sustainability progress

Carbon visibility

Track cloud usage, cost, and carbon footprint in real time, and reduce emissions by rightsizing and right-costing.

ESG reporting

Improve compliance and reduce reputational risk with concrete data delivered to the board, investors, regulators, and clients.

Protect the world

Every step you take to reduce emissions and harmful practices contributes to a future we can be proud to give our children.